Research scientist at IRD
ECOSYM "Ecology of coastal marine systems"
UMR 5119 - University of Montpellier 2
Montpellier, France

Associate researcher
Azorean Biodiversity group
CITA-A - University of the Azores
Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, Portugal

Associate editor
Journal of Biogeography


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Selected publications
Guilhaumon F*, Albouy C*, Claudet J, Velez L, Lasram FBR, Tomasini JA, Douzey E, Meynard C, Mouquet N, Araújo MB and Mouillot D. 2014. Representing taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional diversity : new challenges for Mediterranean marine protected areas
Diversity and Distributions In press.
* Co-first authors
Guilhaumon F, Gimenez O, Gaston KJ, and Mouillot D. 2008. Taxonomic and regional uncertainty in species-area relationships and the identification of richness hotspots.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105(40): 15458-15463.
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Basset Y, Cizek L, Cuénoud P, Didham RK, Guilhaumon F, Missa O, Novotny V, Ødegaard F, Roslin T, Schmidl J, Tishechkin AK, Winchester NN, Aberlenc H-P, Bail J, Barrios H, Bridle JR, Castaño-Meneses G, Corbara B, Curletti G, Debaker D, Delabie JHC, Dejean A, Fagan LL, Floren A, Kitching RL, Medianero E, Miller SC, de Oliveira EG, Orivel J, Pollet M, Ribeiro SP, Roisin Y, Roubik DW, Sorensen L and Leponce M. 2012. Arthropod Diversity in a Tropical Forest
Science 338 : 1481-1484
Triantis K*, Guilhaumon F* and Whittaker RJ*. 2011. The island species–area relationship: biology and statistics
Journal of Biogeography 39: 215-231.

* All authors contributed equally to this work.
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Mouillot D, Albouy C, Guilhaumon F, Ben Rais Lasram F, Coll M, Devictor V, Meynard C, Pauly D, Tomasini JA, Trousselier M, Velez L, Watson R and Mouquet N. 2011. Protected and threatened components of fish biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea
Current Biology 21: 1044-1050.
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