Research scientist at IRD
ECOSYM "Ecology of coastal marine systems"
UMR 5119 - University of Montpellier 2
Montpellier, France

Associate researcher
Azorean Biodiversity group
CITA-A - University of the Azores
Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, Portugal

Associate editor
Journal of Biogeography


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Recent publications
Dobrovolski R, Loyola RD, Guilhaumon F, Gouveia SF and Diniz Filho JAF. 2013. Global agricultural expansion and carnivore conservation biogeography
Biological Conservation In Press.
Patiño J, Guilhaumon F, Whittaker RJ, Triantis KA, Gradstein SR, Hedenäs L, González-Mancebo JM and Vanderpoorten A. 2013. Accounting for data heterogeneity in patterns of biodiversity: an application of Linear Mixed Effect Models to the oceanic island biogeography of spore-producing plants
Ecography In Press.
Gimenez O, Abadi F, Barnagaud J-Y, Blanc L, Buoro M, Cubaynes S, Desprez M, Gamelon M, Guilhaumon F, Lagrange P, Madon B, Marescot L, Papadatou E, Papaïx J, Péron G and Servanty S. 2013. How can quantitative ecology be attractive to young scientists? Balancing computer/desk work with field work
Animal Conservation In press.
freely available at the editor website
Albouy C, Guilhaumon F, Leprieur F, Lasram FBR, Somot S, Aznar R, Velez L, Le Loc’h F and Mouillot D. 2013. Projected climate change and the changing biogeography of coastal Mediterranean fishes
Journal of Biogeography In press.
Cameron R, Triantis K, Parent C, Guilhaumon F, Alonso M, Ibáñez M, Frias Martins A, Ladle R and Whittaker RJ. 2013. Snails on oceanic islands: testing the general dynamic model of oceanic island biogeography using linear mixed effect models
Journal of biogeography 40: 117–130.
PDF freely available at the editor website
Basset Y, Cizek L, Cuénoud P, Didham RK, Guilhaumon F, Missa O, Novotny V, Ødegaard F, Roslin T, Schmidl J, Tishechkin AK, Winchester NN, Aberlenc H-P, Bail J, Barrios H, Bridle JR, Castaño-Meneses G, Corbara B, Curletti G, Debaker D, Delabie JHC, Dejean A, Fagan LL, Floren A, Kitching RL, Medianero E, Miller SC, de Oliveira EG, Orivel J, Pollet M, Ribeiro SP, Roisin Y, Roubik DW, Sorensen L and Leponce M. 2012. Arthropod Diversity in a Tropical Forest
Science 338 : 1481-1484
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